20 December 2011

Happy Holidays

Here's a little something to get you inspired for the coming holidays............ from Style etc & friends.
Have a fantastic Christmas!

Styling: Style etc   |    Photography: Eva Kozub   |    Recipes: Jo Wilcox

Antique Victorian glass drawer knobs & wine glasses: from Romantique

15 December 2011

Christmas Time

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ..........

Here are a few iphone snaps taken on location by photographer Kelley Eady Loveridge (etc. photography & design) from one of the many Christmas shoots Style etc styled this year - check out the full shoot in the latest issue of Your Home & Garden magazine.

Styling: Style etc    |    Photography: etc. photography & design       


28 November 2011

Working with Colour

For someone who loves white on white with, you guessed it, an extra helping of white (oh and a dash of black) I have to admit working with colour is a lot of fun.
You just can't walk past a combo of pink and orange blooms and not feel happy.
These amazing blooms, and quite a few others were used in a shoot for New Zealand Weddings magazine due out early next year - so just around the corner really.

Can't give too much away, but if you want some colourful inspiration for your wedding keep an eye out for the next issue.

Meanwhile grab a bunch of pink and orange blooms for home today and start smiling, it's contagious!

Photography: Eva Kozub    |   Flowers: National Flower Promotion Group

5 October 2011

Poppy Love

If it's a burst of colour you're after you can't go past vibrant, hot poppies. These crepe-petaled blooms look just as fantastic on mass as they do in simple arrangements.
Try mixing the different bright hues together for a real pop of colour, or if you're like me and are fascinated by their paper like appearance keep the arrangment simple so you can appreciate their texture.

Styling: Style etc    |    Photography: Eva Kozub    |    Flowers: National Flowers Promotion Group

28 September 2011

Playing Dress Up

From the age of seven I wanted to become a fashion designer, the thought of one day dressing 'grown ups' in my barbie doll creations was a very exciting concept.  This led to many happy years of dreaming and designing right through to AUT where I studied costume design.  So you can imagine how much fun I had dressing up our two beautiful models Ella and Grace, for a New Zealand weddings magazine feature.

Aren't weddings fantastic when you get to play dress up again?

Styling: Style etc   |   Photography: Eva Kozub   |   Stationery: Etc. Photography & Design  

Cake: Artisan Cakes   |   Featured in: New Zealand Weddings magazine

4 September 2011

A Teaspoon of Sugar

Whenever I think of Spring I think of anything and everything pretty.  Pretty blooms, dresses, nail polish, cakes, teacups and drinks in pretty hues...

So to celebrate Spring we've combined a few of these things, added a teaspoon of sugar {or two} a nip of vodka and we're ready to enjoy the longer days of Spring.

I know you'll enjoy them too!

Styling:  Style etc       |       Photography: Eva Kozub       |       Recipes: Jo Wilcox

Flowers: National Flowers Promotion Group 

25 August 2011

Pale Shades of Eco

Here is a quick and easy eco style table setting that not only looks great but is also kind and thoughtful to the environment.

Queen Anne's Lace
White Ranunculus
Pieris white
Foliage - your choice {what's growing in your garden?}

Used jars
Roll of natural string
Sprigs of rosemary {approx. 15cm each}                                                                
Natural linen napkins                                                                          
White plates                                                                                            
Cutlery & wine glasses {to suit your menu}

Little extra {style}
Jiffy pots
Small fresh rosemary plants

Enjoy entertaining eco style!

Old jars make fantastic vases down the centre of any table.
Collect them from second hand stores or save your used jars from the kitchen.

Eco style is perfect for that 'just picked out of the garden' look.
Fill jars with beautiful blooms and foliage.
Use a few different varieties of foliage to create texture -
I love the combination of Queen Anne's Lace, ranunculus, pieris and olive leaf.

Natural string is a big favorite of mine!
Use it to tie a sprig of rosemary around your napkin.

To add a garden feel to your table setting pot herbs in jiffy pots
and let guests take them home to plant in their own gardens.
These pots are super cool, they look natural and you can plant them
straight into the ground as they disintegrate over time.
(Jiffy pot - 100% biodegradable made from peat moss and wood fibre.)

16 August 2011


Anytime I get to use a fantastic classic car in a shoot I jump at the opportunity. In this Forest Picnic shoot for NZ House & Garden magazine we got to use 'Sandy' - photographer Kieran Scott's fabulous 1979 series 3 88" Land Rover.

Not only did Sandy look great, she was also the perfect vehicle to drive over the soft forest floor to where we found the ideal spot to set up.

Don't you think Sandy would look great in a beach shoot? Hmmmm... something to think about.

Photography: Kieran Scott | Styling: Style etc | Featured in NZ House & Garden magazine

8 August 2011

Sweet Peach

I love waking up in the morning to fresh flowers on my bedside table. Here are some arrangements I put together using a couple of bunches of roses (Sweet Avalanche and Peach Avalanche) from my local florist, and some foliage I found in the neighbours back yard.

Old vintage bottles are great to use as vases.  They'll fit on even the smallest  
bedside table, and collecting them is a lot of fun too.

Photography: Eva Kozub | Styling: Style etc | Flowers: National Flower Promotion Group